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Tsumura Akira and Storyville Dandies

Tsumura Akira and Storyville Dandies

Storyville is the name of Red Lantern District which had been existing in New Orleans until 1919. Since the harbor was used also by the army, the city of New Orleans decided to close it suddenly without any notice and all musicians in New Orleans had to move to Chicago. Considering such nostalgic background of New Orleans Jazz, Mr. Akira Tsumura named his Dixieland Jazz Band as Storyville Dandies.

Banjo & Vo : Akira Tsumura
Banjo : Kyouichiro Tagashira
Trombone : Hideaki Machino
Clarinet : Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Piano : Noriyo Shimizu
Cornetto : Tetsu Shimoma
Base : Yuzo Oota
Dorams : Muneyoshi Tomita